Coarse Fishing at Houndapitt Farm

A short distance from the cottages, past the play park and hidden in the tall grass of the surrounding fields, lies our very own coarse fishing lake thriving with activity. Here the grass is allowed to grow freely around the track, parallel to the shimmering lake. Its is absolutely free to all our guests, so if you have your own rod and tackle, you'll be able to make good use them!

Coarse Fishing Lake Through The Grass
Fishing Lake

The pond is stocked with various carp, including Golden Tench, Golden Rudd and Mirror Carp, all just waiting for you to catch. You will need your own equipment to use the facility, as well as a license.

Once a year we are lucky enough to be visited by a pair of Canada Geese that nest on the small island in the middle of the lake to rear their young. Birds and insects, including large dragonflies and butterflies, gather in this area, which in recent years has become something of miniature nature reserve. In late 2007 we prepared a larger lake further down the field which has matured into another tranquil spot with a small wooded area, ready and fit for exploration.

Sunset Over Houndapitt Fishing Lake Fishing By The Lake

This area can only be described as picturesque. It is breathtaking as you look past the lake to the gently sloping farmland, down over cliffs to the sea and the blue of the lake, the sea and the sky very much blending together. The fish have thrived in this ecosystem over the past few years and have not been over fished, meaning that they are extremely catch-able and quick to bite. Furthermore, since the pond has been split into smaller and larger sections, we have been able to separate the bigger fish, allowing those in the main pond to have their own share of insects and other sustenance; many of them have now grown to fantastic sizes!

One of the largest fish caught yet weighed in at approximately 8 pounds! This absolute whopper was proudly caught by one of our guests.

One of the largest fish caught yet